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  • The New Deal Era's
    Federal Writers' Project
    History, Politics, and Legacy
  • NEH Summer Institute
    for College and
    University Teachers
    July 11-August 6, 2021
The New Deal Era's

Federal Writer's Project

In 2021, Long Island University-Brooklyn hosted a virtual four-week Summer Institute for Higher Education Faculty from July 12 to August 6 on the Federal Writers’ Project, part of the New Deal’s Works Project Administration during the Great Depression. The institute explored the project’s history, accomplishments, and literary legacy as our country’s first government-sponsored public history program, particularly with respect to its mission to document underrepresented stories about everyday American life and its impact on African American literature. The program accommodated 25 participants, including at  non-tenured/non-tenure track faculty and advanced graduate students. Applicants from HBCUs, HSIs, and tribal colleges were strongly encouraged to apply. This Level 1 program was offered for the first time.

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